Small Groups

Small Groups

Written on 08/09/2018
Chris Greaves

At Piedmont Park Alliance Church, we believe that life change happens best in the context of biblical community.  We have created many opportunities, whether at church or in homes, for you to find a place where you belong and are able to develop real relationships that provide support and encouragement and to grow spiritually in your faith journey with God. 

Our goal is to connect every person who attends PPAC with a safe environment where they can commit to the adventure of following Jesus Christ with like-minded friends. 

We have several types of small groups at PPAC:

1. Life Groups 

What they are: Life Groups are places where lifelong relationships can be formed. These groups meet in homes on an ongoing basis. Life Groups do not have a set end date, but at the end of a year there is a time for evaluation. They may do studies, have dinner, serve together, pray together, have fun - in essence, they do life together.

Leadership will be shared as group members each take on important roles within the group like hosting, facilitating conversations, planning outings etc.

How they work: Life Groups may be formed by experienced group leaders. They also may form after a group has met together as a HOST Group or Study Group and have decided to stay together. New Life Groups or openings in existing Life Groups will be promoted throughout the year.  When offered, you can sign up in the foyer or online.

2. Study Groups

What they are: These groups are a great way to get together to learn and develop a few relationships along the way. Study Groups meet for a set amount of time to dig into a bible study, a specific topic, or a book. The length of the group depends on the content of the study. 

How they work:  Study Groups are always being launched throughout the year.  When offered, you can sign up online or in the foyer.  Learn more about our Classes & Studies.

3. Rec Groups & Serve Groups

What they are:  These are interest-based groups that meet for a set amount of time around a specific recreation activity (REC) or a service commitment (SERVE).  We encourage everyone at PPAC to find a place to serve. Time commitments for these groups vary based on the activity.  

How they work: Rec and Serve Groups are always going on and are offered through the bulletin. When offered, you can sign up online or in the foyer...or sometimes, just show up. Please contact the church office if you are aware of opportunities that would align with the church's values.

4. H.O.S.T. Groups

What they are: HOST Groups are typically short, 6-8 week studies on a video based curriculum that explains how groups work at PPAC and how to create healthy community within your group. These groups feed into our Life and Study Groups. They are designed for you and a few friends to get together, and try out a short group. Once the video series is completed, the group is done - no strings attached. If you love it, your group may consider becoming a Study Group or a Life Group and continuing on.

How they work: HOST Groups are started on an as needed basis. So if you’d like to become a HOST, fill out our short HOST a Group form and a staff member will follow up with you. All we ask is that you have a relationship with Jesus and can do these simple things to HOST your group— Have a home to share, Open your heart, Serve a Snack, and Turn on the TV.   

There’s even a spot on the form for you to add a list of friends who could be in the HOST Group with you. Or if you just want to join, watch for new groups that will be starting. 

We are excited about what is happening in our Small Groups and hope that you will make joining a Small Group a priority in your growth as a believer. For more information about the Small Groups of PPAC and how you can be involved, please email us at: