Worship Team

Worship Team

Written on 10/26/2016
Chris Greaves

At PPAC, our music ministry is designed to worship God... pure and simple.

We use voices and instruments of all types, shapes and sizes to create an environment that encourages gratefulness, adoration, reverence, elation and a myriad of other elements that describe how a heart that has been humbled before God expresses its love for Him.

We believe music is a fundamental, integral part of worship; an element that allows each person to vocalize his or her feelings toward the Father in a collective and communal setting.

It is my prayer that the music you experience at PPAC is edifying, uplifting and fulfilling. But, even more so, that it brings joy to the Father, who Himself gains joy and pleasure from our expressions of worship.

It is in fact why He created us... to bring worship to Him and Him alone.

- Phil Adams, Worship Leader

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